Multipurpose and Extensively Large Generic Domain  Name

For Sale

for more than 210 million Turkish speaking consumers

A site where you can conduct any type of business that you would like it consists of giant ports, electronic shopping, travel agencies, on-line auctions, search engines, and suits to all wants and needs.A catchy slogan that stays in the mind of consumers and easily commercialaized.  Shop from home for anything you can imagine from needles to threads, electronic and technolgical equipment, land, buildings, food, clothing, furniture, traveling arrangements, banking, industrial materials, raw or semi-raw materials, commercials, television, news, computer (service and sales)all in one domain.

Çok Geniş Kapsamlı Jenerik İnternet Adresi Satılıktır.


(600.000 EURO)

(+90 532 362 2145)

Note: In case the price is not what is expected by the seller, the seller has the right not to sell the right to the name.


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